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Hands On Know-How for Cultivating a Life in the Making

About Gartur Stitch Farm School

Traditional Skills for Modern Lives

From sourdough to cheesemaking, gardening to beekeeping, our Gartur Stitch Farm School focuses on practical skills that enhance modern lives.

Connect with other makers and growers from all around the world who are passionate about rolling up their sleeves and leading lives that put making at the heart.

The Farm School is an ever evolving network of online courses and events where we share our passions and skills for making. Our central question is always

How can our household be a unit of production in the world, rather than one of consumption?

Our tag line is "A Life in the Making" which sums up our day to day pretty well. Whenever possible, you will find us making stuff - be it food, soap, spoons or just a big ol' mess. Through our online and on farm workshops, we try to share what we've learned along the way - the successes AND the failures. However, we have busy lives with three kids on top of the farm to manage (and two 'off farm' full time jobs), so it's crucial everything we do is done in a way that fits into modern life.

What's Included?

At its heart, the Gartur Stitch Farm School is a learning community.  

Our courses are designed to demystify "old fashioned" skills and strip them back to basics so they can fit into our modern, busy lives.

We include a range of written, photographic and video content in every course to help you learn as if we were gathered here on the farm.

When you sign up to an online course, you instantly become a member of our Gartur Stitch Farm School Network, where we post lots of free content, discussion and resources for living a life in the making.

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